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GRAND CHAPTER OFFICERS of NEBRASKA                                     2020-2021

Grand High Priest,    Michael E. Jones,               Lady Joanie 

Grand King, Dan Marr,  Lady Erin

Grand Scribe, Lavern Work, II 

Grand Secretary/Recorder,Dennis Newman,    

Grand Treasurer, Carl Highman, Lady Yvonne

Grand Chaplain, Joseph Charbonneau, 
Lady Elizabeth

Grand Captain of the Host, Jeffrey Coleman,           Lady Brenda

Grand Lecturer,  Jonathan Paz

 Grand Principal Sojourner,  Lucian C. Smith,   Lady Nicole                   

Grand Royal Arch Captain,  Mervyn Moeller,           Lady Sharon

Grand Master of the Third Veil, Frank L. Borden, Jr., Lady Sandy

Grand Master of the Second Veil,                         Ed Birmingham

Grand Master of the First Veil, Mike Lagueux, Lady Denise

Grand Sentinel, Lewellen Nielsen 

Grand Secretary/Recorder Emeritas, Jay Speck, 

Grand Secretary/Recorder Emeritas,
Bruce T. Anderson, Lady Ilah